There are several ways in which you can experience the power of the herd…


Individual: Acquire the basic transformational tools offered through the Healing Horse in a private session or retreat. These include emotional agility, effective communication , learning the messages behind emotions, connecting to your authentic self, developing an inner guidance system you can trust.

Sessions will be tailored to the clients individual and specific goals such as leadership, relationship skills, creating an authentic life, navigating life transitions, recovering a sense of joy and purpose in your life.  Click here to register.

Semi-private:   It is often fun and helpful to come experience the equine work with a friend. This way you both learn a new set of tools to support each other’s growth when you go back home.  These sessions cover basic principles and tools and afford the opportunity to let you focus on developing a common language with a partner , friends, family or business colleagues. Topics such as relationship as teacher, increasing emotional intelligence, leadership through the power of the herd, embodying your goals or in depth exploration of 12-step recovery tools.

Workshops:   Small groups (maximum 6 people) focused on a particular goal or theme. This format allows the opportunity to observe and learn from each other in a supportive community. These programs last two or three days. See below for upcoming workshops.  Click here  to register.

Retreats: A retreat allows the time to allow you to let Nature take her course and restore your connection to calm, center, heart and pleasure. We offer several antidotes to Urban Disorders such as Media Detox, Instinctual Recovery, A Field Guide to Romance, or just time to recover your innate wisdom and purpose in life. Longer periods of time allow the horses to help you connect to a larger life force and sense of deep inner peace.  Click here  to register.

…. “The courage to feel and the willingness to act”