Horses have so much to teach us about being human.  As animals preyed upon in the wild, horses are extremely sensitive and responsive to subtle shifts in their surroundings. As social creatures, they seek out connection and partnerships with other beings. Nature actually designed them to act first and think later, quite the opposite of how humans are wired.

At this point in our evolution, we humans have so much information, so much intelligence and so very many ways to work on ourselves  yet, it seems harder than ever to create a life of center, connection and meaning.

Equine experiential therapy uses the very nature of the horse to show us the gap between what we say or think we are doing and what we are actually doing.

Horses provide a nonjudgemental mirror that reflects our blind spots.These are often survival behaviors and beliefs that once protected us but no longer serve us.

We need lots of practice and support to unwind these old habits and begin to do our lives differently. The horses offer immediate feedback as they respond to  subtle shifts within us while we interact with them.  They teach us about trust, authenticity,communication and leadership.We can rework deeply held survival patterns on an energetic level and create new, more authentic and effective ways of being.

This experience often reveals hidden strengths and inner resources and lays down new neural pathways to powerful change.Horses have the power to heal and transform our relationship to ourselves,others and the world around us.

If we allow them, these magnificent creatures touch forgotten places in our hearts and reawaken our connection to a larger life force.